Presidents sure are causing the world a whole lot of trouble. We've got corporate presidents lying and stealing millions of dollars, political presidents that are corrupt, evil and waging war on weak nations, and student body presidents that annoy us with their small ideas and even smaller influence. Fact is, presidents are hard to get rid of and often end up screwing everything up for us regular people who just want to earn an honest dollar and have a little fun now and then. This show is designed to be an open interpretation by the artists involved, on how they think presidents should be removed.

You can go the honest route and choose the re-election route, or get more aggressive with actions such as impeachment, blackmail, coup d'etats, revolutions, wars, slander, bribes — well, you get the idea. When you think about it, there are actually many ways you can remove a president from power, and we think it would make a great exhibition. In a world where we often feel helpless and without a voice or a vote, art offers the great luxury of expression and the vehicle to imagine a different world. Sometimes even a poem can erode the foundations of our leaders and suspected enemies. We may be disillusioned dreamers, but we are active and vocal and optimistic.