Vital 5 Productions was founded in 1995 by artist and curator Greg Lundgren. As a vehicle to produce non-traditional art exhibition, theater and film, publications and culture-driven projects, Vital 5 challenges our relationship to contemporary art and highlights the work of artists working in the Pacific Northwest.

At times, Vital  5 has a physical gallery, at times they produce exhibits and programs in other venues. Or on the streets. Or in the comment thread of a newspaper. Or inside a bar. Their mission is to breakdown the barriers of artist and audience, or art world and real world, between popular culture and academia. 

Vital 5 believes that all people hold the capacity to express themselves through art, and that self-expression and our ability to communicate through art is what defines us as human. It is a mission that does not end at 5:00 p.m., or if we run out of money, or get old, or move to a different city. They want to shift culture a few degrees, to shift our priorities and self-identities and the things we have come to celebrate. 

Welcome to the unlikely world of Vital 5 Productions.