Dubbed 'a very naughty party for very naughty people' Peek-a-Boo Palace  was the brainchild of photographer and curator Christine Taylor, hosted at Vital 5's mid-century gallery in downtown Seattle. This one night exhibition, performance and film event (aside from all the naughtiness) featured performances by Twirly Girl.net in collaboration with Burly Q and a film program curated by Microcinema, Inc.  DJ Fez and DJ Xco provided the soundtrack and a group show of multi-media art was on display by Debbie Ableson, Shea Anderson, Robert Adams, Holly Belknap, Owen Connell, Jenny and Justin, Miguel Edwards, Ellen Forney, Amelia-Ross Gibson, Justin Hampton, Lance Hayes, Eric Hildebrandt, Charles Holzhey, Tomiko Jones, Lily King, Rick Klu, Amanda Koster, Todd Lovering, Jennifer McNeely, Sarah Murat, Jason Puccinelli, Melissa Sands, Iris Stevenson and C. Taylor. Cameras were not admitted, which limits our documentation of the evening. Do we talk about the mirror room here? Is this the right time to talk about the mirror room and adjoining cedar sauna in the basement? Probably not. This site is about art. There are other sites for that.