Artists For a Work Free America



1 - All humans are artists. The words human and artist are the same.

2 - Artistic expression is not limited to the traditional settings of the gallery, theater or manuscript and can be applied to any activity in any field.

3- The success of an artist should not be measured by wealth or celebrity, but by the courage and conviction to challenge, explore and invent.

4 - The artist defends freedom, expression and creativity by daily exercise. 

5 - At any given time, the artist may be entirely wrong.

6 - Morality is not the governor of art and expression, nor is it a justification for censorship.

7 - Robots can (or hold the potential to) perform most jobs better than humans.

8 - Displacement by robots and computers in the workforce should be encouraged and developed to free humans from boring, repetitive labor.

9 - Advanced technology is a natural evolution of humankind and is only successful when it liberates, not enslaves, the human mind.

10 - The true purpose of humankind will be revealed by the limitations of the machines we build.