The before picture shows yellow, bent teeth. The after picture shows straight, sparkling white teeth. The before picture shows the profile of a woman with a large crooked nose, the after picture shows the same profile with a little ski-slope nose. The before, a rusted car. The after, a shiny new paint job. These are the photographic images that litter our magazines and newspapers - exaggerated, falsified, anti-art - commercial propaganda. Within the altered images and corrupt depictions lies a curious form of storytelling told through the trusted lens of a camera.

Before and After was a group exhibition exploring the realm of before and after diptychs. The concept is simple and the rules are few. The picture on the left depicts before something happened, the picture on the right after that something happened. Did that something happen in a second or a century? Are they real or have they been faked? Do you believe what you see? The days of a photograph telling the truth are over.

Participating artists included: Bootsy Holler, David Walega, Steven Stone, Jennifer Adams, Christine Shannon, Amy Smith, Iris Stevenson, Jason Puccinelli, Larry Caulkins, Greg Lundgren, Paul Rudnick, Maggie Soliday, Tim Anderson, Lisa Baruth, Shane Shibayama, Susan Robb, David Belisle, Wynn Burke, Peter Lundgren, Donna Raineri, Damian Puggelli, Archie O'Connor, Amy Novotny, Randy McCoy, Christian Loubek, Neil Chowdhury, John Labovitz, Shane Carpenter, Carter Knusen, Casey Kelbaugh, Tomiko Jones, Ted Grudowski, Christian French, James Ewing, Jed Dunkerely and Spike Mafford.