Cell Everything

Audio Installation

The cell phone has become the dominating tool in how we communicate with the world, receive news, document our lives and socialize. We are texting, checking and writing email, reading the news and playing games. For better or for worse, Cell Everything recognizes the role of this tool in our lives, and asks fifty diverse artists to explore ways to deliver their art through handheld devices.  For one evening,  Vermillion gallery will be void of visual art. The walls will be covered in ten digit phone numbers, and dialing one unlocks a private door between the visitor and the artist.  Greg Lundgren has assembled an amazing cast of visual and performing artists, actors, musicians andwriters. Join us April 3rdbring your cell phone and start dialing. You may not believe your ears.

Participating artists include Iole Allesandrini, Aaron and Jessixa Bagley, Crystal Barbre, Christopher Coleburn, Holly Deye, Jed Dunkerley, Janet Galore, Edward Galore,  Nicole Grant, Tyler Hansen, Kate Fernandez, Flatchestedmama, Wendy Fujinaga, Brock Hansen, Allen Johnson, Marya Sea Kaminski, April Kling, Rick Klu, Tina LaPlant, Michael Leavitt, Rich and Sarah Lehl, Steven Miller, Mike Min, Christophe Osborn, DK Pan, Bre Pettis, Arne Pihl, Jason Puccinelli, Randy McCoy,  Matthew Richter, Sara Rudinoff,  Big Dirty Seann, Korby Sears, Adam Sekuler, Erin Shafkind, SuttonBeresCuller, Curtis Taylor, Sam Trout, Grady West and Robert Zverina.