"I presented kind of a mixed bag when offered to host a night at Vital 5. Showed some pictures--a 12'x7' composite mural of an office building, 165 inkjet printouts blown up from a 4x6" print, each pixel about the size of a pinky toe nail, binoculars provided to view from across gallery behind glass partition. Also a bunch of small prints arranged in a grid, patrons instructed to TAKE ONE, the piece disintegrated as the night went on. 

I guess the theme had something to do with ephemerality. The edible sculptures were eaten, photos disappeared, money printed on rice paper was nibbled for hors d'ouevres, people slurped crucifix-molded Jello Jeez-o vodka shots, models painted with flavored pigments let visitors lick their otherwise naked flesh, and edible prints of advertisements and food photography where shit was substituted for meat IRL, everything devoured by the end of the night". - Robert Zverina

Also a saucy picture and recap here