FAKE - makes you wonder if it's worth it.

Vital 5 continues it's exploration into the value of art with a group exhibition of 20th century forgeries. From Bacon to Basquiat, Monet to Modigliani, Kandinsky to O'Keefe, Seattle painters tackle the masters of the twentieth century and challenge the notions of value, talent and the ownership of imagery. Pound for pound, stroke for stroke, Vital 5 presents a journey into the century's most acclaimed works and the Pacific Northwest artists that can reproduce them with such skill.

Over a hundred and fifty million dollars worth of paintings and sculpture will be represented in this group exhibition. Featuring the forgeries of over twenty-five regional artists, including Megan Trainor, Kevin Furiya, Rich Lehl, Alan Rushing, Ed Lebel, Bonnie Katz, Phillip Naranjo, Jason Puccinelli and Kelly Lyles, Fake presents a diverse collection of forged twentieth century masters.