Vital 5 Productions is interested in non-traditional theater and film - challenging the ideas of entertainment, the role of the audience and the power of real-time observation.



A play on the streets of South Lake Union, Seattle

running time 135 minutes

World Premiere in Vital 5 Productions, Seattle WA September 20 - 28, 2002

Written and directed by Greg Lundgren, Sound Engineering by Jeff Scott

Starring Nicole Grant, Jocelyne Hershey, Dylan Neuwirth, Curtis Taylor, Stephan Martinez and Greg Lundgren


I Am An Artist

A play in three acts

running time 151 minutes

World Premiere in the Microsoft Theater at Consolidated Works, Seattle WA, November 7 - 21, 2003

Written and directed by Greg Lundgren, Assistant Directed by Jeff Scott, Produced by Stacy Plum, Greg Lundgren and Consolidated Works, Executive Produced by Matthew Richter

Starring Nicole Grant, John Bartley, Jed Dunkerley, Tina LaPlant, Dylan Neuwirth, Christina Malecka, Igor Peev, Stephan Martinez, Jennifer Winters, Rob Zverina, Jeff Scott, Kyle Pepper and Jason Puccinelli

Artwork by Jesse Paul Miller, Jennifer McNeely, Greg Lundgren, Jason Puccinelli and Rich Lehl. Wardrobe by Iris Stevenson 



An independent feature film, color, 83 minutes, not rated

World Premiere at Northwest Film Forum, July 18, 2014

Written and directed by Greg Lundgren

Starring Rosalie Edholm, Curtis Taylor, Timothy Rysdyke and Doug Nufer

Production assistant, Megan Dodge