1/2 a football team

One would think that a city hosting the two richest men in the world would be a city bursting with arts and culture. And one would think that if they weren’t interested in supporting the arts, that one of the other 8 multibillionaires in the region would be. In reality, arts and culture in Seattle is struggling when it could be flourishing. In reality, artists are leaving the city at an alarming rate. 1/2 a Football Team is Vital 5 Productions attempt to inspire billionaires to activate a cultural renaissance.

A recent news article speculated that the Seattle Seahawks were going up for sale with a record 2.58 billion price tag. The current owner, Jody Allen, just recently inherited 18 billion dollars from her late brother, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and we couldn’t help but imagine what 1/2 half of the price of a football team could finance. Is it impolite to suggest? Rude to ask? In poor taste to present? Maybe it is. But to live amongst such extreme wealth and opportunity to change the world, to live amongst so much potential and not ask, seems the larger crime.

Vital 5 mailed Ms. Allen a letter in April of 2019, along with a 36” x 48” poster outlining the ways in which 1.25 billion dollars could ignite a renaissance of a magnitude the world hasn’t seen since the Medici family. Maybe Ms. Allen will never read it. But maybe she will. Maybe she will find it absurd and throw it away, maybe she won't. We also sent it to journalists around the region. Maybe they will write about it. Maybe they won’t. But if they do, maybe one of the other region’s billionaires will read it. It doesn't matter if the odds are one in ten or one in ten billion - if you do not raise your hand for the world you wish to see, then you inherit a world designed by others.

Send us an email and we’ll send you a copy.