God, creator of the universe, felt the time was right to claim a stake in the art world. God wanted a solo show to remind humans that everything God created was indeed grounded in art. It seemed like a fair request.

Much to God's dismay, most of the museums and galleries turned the 'Divine Master of The Universe' down.  We aren't sure if it was God's lack of exhibition history, unprofessional slides or lack of representation. Maybe it was because God didn't have a phone number or email address.

Many of the museums and galleries God approached though art was a prank and wouldn't even sign on for an exploratory meeting. In the midst of a major remodel, The Seattle Art Museum felt that a God retrospective was outside their budgetary resources. The Howard House suggested Roq la Rue, as they often represented 'outsider artists' but Roq la Rue found the work too "high brow".  So down the list God went, looking for a curator and a space to exhibit a more modest selection of sculpture, paintings, performance and situationist art.

Vital 5 Productions is honored to host God's First Solo Exhibit, even in the relatively cramped space of Priceless Works Gallery. For one summer night, we will host the selected worlds of God, providing a compelling glimpse of God as an artist and God's prolific contributions to the art world. Simply put, God crushes the competition. If you thought Botticelli, Picasso, Rodin or Ryden were talented - think again. We are talking about the artist responsible for such masterworks as The Rainbow, Waterfalls, and the Koala Bear.