Vital 5 Productions is dedicated to inspiring people to make art. That can take many different forms, but we have a history and future of providing exhibition opportunity, money and magical places to get away from the distractions of city life. 


Arbitrary Art Grants - washington

In conjunction with Artists For a Work Free America, The Arbitrary Art Grants offer $500.00 cash awards in a variety of disciplines. There is no judge nor jury - the winners are selected at random, and the money can be spent at the winners choosing.




Soft Rock - California

Located in the Mohave Desert in Southern California, Soft Rock is a 20 acre desert paradise, off the grid and away from the bustles of city life. Two cabins grace the property and are idea for writers, painters and filmmakers willing to abandon modern conveniences for sublime peace and tranquility. 



Lundgren Tree Farm - Upper Peninsula Michigan

This 1880s homestead property is located 4 hours north of Chicago and 4 blocks from Lake Michigan. Seated on 40 acres of forest, this rustic farm has 5 bedrooms, an art studio, gazebo and pool hall. It has a long legacy of art making and nature loving, and hosts a residency program in the fall of each year.