On Friday, March 15, 2002, Vital 5 welcomed students from Loyal Heights, Emily Dickinson, TOPS, West Mercer, Montlake, John Hay, Wing Luke, Beacon Hill, North City, Alki and Ardmore Elementary schools to the opening night of Heroes. This diverse collection of hero portraiture stood as a celebration of National Children's Art Month and a reminder of the power and creativity of children. Their honest and unpretentious approach to art may help save the art world from the blank expressions and affected ideals held by many of their adult counterparts. 

Featuring the works of over 400 elementary students, Heroes was a modern day barometer charting the directions, role models and idols of elementary school kids. Heroes was also an opportunity for children to help children, as all 400 pieces were priced at $20.00 each, with proceeds donated to the local non-profit, Childhaven. Over $2,600.00 was raised opening night for this vital institution. 

Curated by Jennifer and Greg Lundgren, Vital 5 celebrated National Children's Month with this fun and resounding exhibit. The Petting Zoo Players were our opening night entertainment, and we put away the booze for juice and light snacks.