Welcome To The Quicksand Years

A squirrel perches attentively on a small branch, alone and curious of the observer. Behind him lies a landscape of a clear cut forest, lifeless and barren. A cunning owl rests above a coastal highway clutching a crushed Coke can. A commercial airplane crashes headfirst into a vast and anonymous ocean. These are the images of painter Leiv Fagereng, a commentary of life at the dawn of a new century, a time he refers to as the Quicksand Years.

Vital 5 is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Leiv Fagereng, opening May 4th, 2001. On display will be over 40 new works exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the denial of our impact upon it.

As a native to Portland, Oregon and graduate of the Chicago Arts Institute, Leiv Fagereng has spent the last ten years in Seattle, observing and painting the ever changing landscape around him. His visions of nature bear the footprint of industry and present the awkward marriage between man and nature.

More of his work can be seen by viewing his website here.