On Friday, January 11, Vital 5 presents a very unusual art exhibition entitled Overdrawn. Over 300 paintings, photographs, drawings and sculpture will be on display and traded to any person able to prove overdraft of their personal checking account in the year of 2001. Watch as this enormous collection of gifted, regional artwork spring from the walls and into the homes of the financially challenged - a group often excluded from gallery commerce. It is a weekend designed to put back into circulation all of the stored works that artists have considered surplus, a time when all works are worth the exact same and can only be claimed through the trade of a bounced check or negative bank statement. All you have to do is prove it.

Vital 5 requested donations of visual art from a diverse and talented group of Seattle artists, asking that they part with works which they could considered surplus. This was the work that has  rested in a closet or storage space, works that have become out of public view and dormant. With no financial motivation, hundreds of pieces have been assembled under the simple pretense of circulating visual art.

Art patrons of all ranks are welcome to attend the opening and subsequent two days of Overdrawn, but but only those bearing proof of overdraft will be granted the opportunity to walk away with any work on display in the gallery. Eligible patrons will check in, receive a number and examine the constantly rotating inventory. Every 5 minutes a number will be called, a painting claimed, and a new piece hung to fill the vacant space.  We trade paintings for bounced checks and overdraft statements. Its just that simple. Offer is good for one piece per person, per day, as our inventory permits.