In a bold move to help the staggering national economy, curb worldwide recession and embrace America's cultural identity with shopping, Vital 5 will unveil a new department store for the holiday season. Opening November 23th, Vital 5 comes to the rescue of Nordstrom and The Bon Marche to handle the anticipated flood of patriotism in the form of consumer  spending.

With top brands from Jennifer McNeely, Christian French, Not Bad For a Girl Productions, AFWFA, Dylan Neuwirth, Rich American Brand, Christine Taylor and P.A.N. Lab Industries (to name a few), there is sure to be something for the whole family. It doesn't matter if you need it or not, shopping is the cultural fiber of our great nation and the remedy to our countries ails.

Bring the whole family down for our Thanksgiving weekend celebration, Black Friday at 3:00 pm for a special "Stimulate the Economy" 120% mark-up. That's right, opening weekend you pay 20% more than the competitor, with all proceeds going to our direct efforts to stimulate the economy. Get your picture taken with Santa in his very own bed (adult supervision highly recommended)! Relax your wallet with a glass or three of our special egg nog! See the stuff that other department stores couldn't get their hands on! Don't miss this shopping event of the year!