PDL experiments, and sometimes they yield fruit and sometimes they are clumsy animals. In the spring of 2008, we got the idea that having an anthem was a good idea - a Beastie Boys style rap, introducing ourselves and bragging about how hip we were (oh the irony). So we found an obscure (and difficult) German back beat and wrote a rap that we rehearsed and recorded in Puccinelli's basement. It wasn't our strongest suit, but we tried and did our best, and the whole process was us exploring unfamiliar territory (as seasoned as Puccinelli and Dunkerley are as musicians).

Our bad judgement carried over to the decision to debut our rap and perform it LIVE on top of the bar at The Hideout (can't say we aren't trying). We hooked up three mics, cued the music and crawled up onto the mahogany bar with an attentive crowd curious what the hell we were doing. But German electronica (Ich Bin Deutscher Hip Hop Instrumental by Sentino) skips and dips, pauses and speeds forward at a tempo that could trip up the best of them. And we did trip up. To the point that Jason just stepped down and left Greg and Jed to stumble even further. It was a disaster, a humbling moment in our humbling career, and maybe it has no place in internet history. But hell, why not? Maybe one day we'll post the complete track here, but for now, we just wanted to post the lyrics and confess to one of our less successful artistic enterprises. Being an artist isn't always about getting it right. Sometimes the failures inform us, inspire us and define the boundaries of our expressions.

PDL Rap - Lyrics

INTRO 8 measures- engaging vamp- JED

 build into…

VERSE 1- 8 measures- JASON

Well I’m the P that stands for Puccinelli

I got more game than Smuckers got jelly

Materials? I’m serial- a real problem solver

Firin’ out ideas like Scarface’s revolver


Saws, compressors, adhesives, solvents

Shepherd on the moon, I’ll show you where your ball went

I take it, I fake it, I make it look real

P’s got the skills to complete the deal!


VERSE 2- 8 measures- GREG

This here’s L- it’s a handle for Lundgren

I’m the “concept mastermind,” in case you wuz wond’rin

I pop concepts like Orville pops corn

I make more art than Larry Flynt makes porn.


From signature to wardrobe, I’m always high-stylin’

I work more deals than Vancouver’s got islands

Makin’ connections like Nextel and Verizon

L is the one that you want to keep your eyes on!


CHORUS- 8 measures- ALL

Well hey Sea-town, we know you’re hot

We’re here to show you what we got

Breakin the rules, but we don’t get caught

We don’t need grillz and we won’t get shot


Hey Sea-town we know you’re bomb

We been holdin’ back to far too long

But now we’re here to sing this song

Cuz’ PDL is ON!!!!


[2 measures- idle ]


VERSE 3- 6 measures- JED]

Yo, I’m Mr. D- a Dunkerley descendant

I fly higher than a Broadway smack dependant


I draw, I paint, I think, sing, and act

I got more stripes than Apple’s got jacks

You try stoppin’ this with documents, I’m a paper-shredder.

D’s got the ease that’ll make you feel better!


VERSE 4- 8 measures-

JASON: We’re P- D- L (each sings their letter) and we’re rockin’ the mic.

We’re pullin’ those fingers off of the dike!

JED: Seattle art world’s getting’ set to explode.

Like Land Rover, yo, we roll off - road.


GREG: Expandin’ your minds, improvin’ your brains

We growin’ like mushrooms here in the rain.


 (italics designate all sing- Run DMC style)

JED: And don’t be a HATER

GREG: Cuz’ we do it longer…





CHORUS- 8 measures- ALL


[Dance break- 20 measures]

- solos JASON: measure 1-4, JED calls

           JED: measures 5-8, GREG calls

           GREG: measures 9-12, JASON calls

      All- measures 13-20 , JED calls


CHORUS- 8 measures- ALL

Well hey Sea-town, we know you’re hot

We’re here to show you what we got

We left our mark down at OSP

We-re droppin coin and playin JBZ


People talking smack, callin us pranksters

We gonna shut em down like southside gangstas.


Cuz’ PDL is ON!!!!

pause- vogue dance moves


CHORUS- 8 measures- ALL