On Thursday, March 5, 2007, PDL drove their cars around Pioneer Square for an hour trying to score three parking spots in a row. It was first Thursday’s monthly art walk and in another hour the place would be swarmed with art enthusiasts. It was a great place to try out Theatre Hitchhiking.

We set up two free-standing signs announcing the performance and asked interested pedestrians to stick out their thumbs and proposition us for a ride. We never left our parking spots, but for three hours we honked and rolled down the window, telling strangers to hop in the back. 

Every performance was different. We were college students going home, truck drivers, camp counselors, prisoners on the loose, the nice guy and the creep. Cars make great little stages. Built in sound system, comfortable seating, a whole world of possibilities. And we’ll be damned if half our audience didn’t act just right along with us.